Forex Overview

Forex Overview

The spot foreign exchange market (also called “Forex” or “FX”) is not traded on exchange but rather accomplished over-the-counter by two counter parties. Initially, Forex was traded “Interbank” since trading was conducted only by banks trading with each other. However, with the development of information systems and technology, financial institutions introduced margin trading on foreign exchange at more competitive terms. At present, the majority of foreign exchange transactions are performed by speculators. Institutional investors, funds and government institutions contribute to the rest of the market participants.

It is estimated that daily Forex Market turnover exceeds 4 trillion U.S. Dollars in volume traded. Forex market today is essentially the largest and most liquid of the financial markets. Forex gives traders an access to the market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with prices being quoted to one thousandth of a cent!

Keyone Trade Trading Advantages

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Keyone Trade allows all types of Trading Strategies including News Trading. Keyone Trade accounts are suitable for all types of traders, from novice traders to real Forex experts! If you are still new to Forex trading, we would suggest you to open Keyone Trade Demo Account to master your trading skills. Our Demo account features benefits that the live account offers but bears no risk as the funds are virtual. Note, thAt Keyone Trade Account does not have an expiry date.