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Cash Reward

Cash Reward Upto 25000USD

Join our new IB Contest for your chance to expand your referral network and win a cash reward up to 25000 USD

Keyone Trade presents an IB Contest Cash reward for all partners. The contest will be held for one months ,New IB's must open an account to participate, whereas existing IBS will enter his referral Id and nickname to participate in the contest. Introduce new traders to Keyone Trade and $25 extra cash reward on per new active account between the 01st April 2019 and 30th April 2019 and make your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A new active trader is defined as a new registered individual, not having any account with Keyone Trade to date.
  • Minimum Deposit 250 USD
  • Minimum 1 standard lot to be trade
  • To be eligible for a prize, an affiliate must have a minimum of 5 accounts and Maximum 100 accounts limit in a month.
  • Cash Reward will be calculated on 1st of May 2019
  • Cash reward will be credit on 5th of May 2019
  • Cash Reward will be credit on basis of Net Active account.
  • Cash reward is available only on Micro and Mini account
  • Sub-accounts do not count for “new open account” requirement.
  • Internal transfers between accounts are not eligible for meeting the required “deposit” criteria.
  • Keyone Trade reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or cancel the competition at any time without any prior notice.
  • Keyone Trade trading conditions apply on all trading accounts referred by the contestants.
  • Keyone Trade has the right to discard any trades that are not compliant with the trading conditions from the volume calculation.

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The Benefits of Futures Trading

In the forex market, investors are trading a pair of currency and anticipating a profit from the changing values of currency over time.

Speculation and Hedging

Primarily, investors do not enter into a futures contract to possess or sell the physical goods. Rather, it is a popular investment instrument to speculate on the changing values of securities, or investor may use it as a hedging instrument to reduce potential losses.

Trading Futures with Trade Global Infotech

Clients can trade futures products with commodities (energy, agricultural good, and metal), indices, and bonds.